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Brenda Petty, CQDE Court Qualified Document Examiner  Brenda Petty is the best document  Examiner in Oklahoma for forgeries, forensics, and questioned wills. If you or someone you know is a victim of forgery or identify theft, I can help.  If you have a document that has been altered with intent to defraud, I can help.  If you need an expert to testify about a questionable document, I can help.

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If you have a potential forgery problem, or a disputed document, I can help. I can detect forgeries, identify anonymous writing, authenticate documents, and even testify in a court of law to prove my official opinion.

Through training and careful examination of the documents presented, I can determine if it is fraudulently signed or if a document is an original as well as the examination of all forms of electronic manipulations.

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Choosing the right document examiner is as important as choosing the right attorney - it can be the critical factor in the eyes of a judge or jury. But, most of our cases never get to trial... a letter from me makes most opposing counsels want to settle. Call me first, it might make the difference.

Brenda Petty is a highly trained and qualified forensic document examiner. She works with clients nationwide and her expert opinion will hold up in the court of law.


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